Kasson Library

Kasson Library (Library’s Website)

During the July 13, 2010 Kasson Public Library Board meeting the board discussed the University of Alabama’s “Architecture of Decency” program which has been used to rehabilitate historical buildings. The board discussed portions of the program that could be applicable to Kasson’s Historic 1918 School. The board also discussed an invitation from the City of Kasson to explore a long-term, sustainable, and functional library. The board agreed to start a dialog with the City to explore rehabilitating portions of the historic school for a library versus building a new library facility.

At the August 25, 2010 City Council meeting the Council asked the Library Board to form a building committee to research whether or not a new public library in the Historic Kasson School would be sustainable in the long run versus other options.

In September 2010, Library Board Secretary Earlene King stated “We want to do this in a way that serves the best interest of the community overall. We also have to look at the best way to preserve the historic and social aspects of the school site regardless of what option we choose.”

As a result of this dialogue between the Library Board and the City of Kasson in regards to the historic school, the Kasson Alliance for Restoration has created this webpage to facilitate the dissemination of information related to the library and the school.

Additional information will be added to this page soon.