Reuse Study

Kasson School Building Reuse Study

June 2010 Update

On June 9, 2010 the City of Kasson passed a resolution and proposal that offered the Kasson Alliance for Restoration (KARE) a partnership in the reuse, rehabilitation and maintenance of the historic 1918 Kasson Public School. KARE responded to the resolution/proposal on June 21. Both the cities’ proposal and KARE’s response can be found here.

Kasson School Building Reuse Study

Kasson residents interested in helping to determine the future of the community’s historic 1918 school building can participate in a recently initiated reuse study by logging on to a new project website. Internet users who set their browsers to will find a series of pages describing the reuse study process, and introducing the team that will lead it. They will be able follow the progress of the study as it unfolds and will also have an opportunity to submit their own ideas and opinions about the building’s future by completing an online survey.

The historic school belongs to the citizens. As a result, a professionally managed reuse study involving the entire community is a critical step in the historic preservation process. A reuse study, conducted with the support of the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS), would identify potential reuses as well as financing options, grants, investors, etc. After conducting a formal reuse planning process the city, and more importantly its citizens, would be in an informed position. In addition, in due course, proposals related to assessments, tax incentives and expectations related to the project’s schedule could be discussed with the project’s designer and developer. The Kasson Alliance presented a proposal for conducting a reuse study to the City Council on January 9, 2008. The city responded on May 14, 2008. The city provided a proposal on January 28, 2008. The Kasson Alliance responded to that proposal on June 4, 2008. On August 13, 2008, KARE and the City signed a settlement agreement that provides the framework for conducting a jointly funded reuse study.

KAREs Jan 2008 Reuse Study Proposal
Citys Response May 14, 2008
KAREs June 4, 2008 Reuse Study Letter
Citys Reuse Study Support Letter Sept 24, 2008

School Reuse Action Committee (SCHRAC)

SCHRAC Committee Application Form
School Reuse Study Request for Proposals

Proposals for conducting the reuse study were due February 9, 2009 (see the above RFP for details). The School Reuse Action Committee (SCHRAC), the City of Kasson and the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) choose John Lauber and Company. Mr. Lauber toured the school on February 23, 2009. He began meeting with SCHRAC in March 2009. His team visited the city again in early June 2009 to interview citizens and conduct a communtiy workshop. A draft report was issued on September 23, 2009 and a final report will be published in late October.

John Lauber’s Reuse Study Proposal (adopted)
1918 School Questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire and mail it to KARE at 122 West Main St., Suite 2, Kasson, MN 55944 or email your input to or call KARE with your comments, 507-365-8324. Thank you!

1918 Kasson School Final Reuse Study Report
This project has been funded in part by a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota.

Final Reuse Study Main Report
Appendix A: Building description, history, architecture, floor plans, pictures
Appendix B: Reuse plans, conceptual drawings and cost estimates
Appendix C: Reuse funding sources, financial analysis of reuse options including a Community Center/Library/Apartments/Senior Housing/Artist Live/Work Facility
Appendix D: Coordination with developers, additional housing reuse analysis

Information on the Kasson School
The link below contains excerpts from the City of Kasson’s 2005 Space Needs Study related to the 1918 Kasson School. Design information, drawings and cost estimates by the Rochester, Minnesota Architect and Engineering (AE) firm Kane and Associates are shown related to converting the school into a combination City Hall and Library.

Library and City Hall Plan: Kasson School

This link leads to a turn of the century (1900s) era Plat Map. The “Public School” and “Tower” (1895 water tower) are listed.

Kasson School Plat Map

This link is a floor plan for the school that was produced by the School District. It shows the square footage of the rooms on both the first and second floors. The names of some teachers are also listed.

Kasson School Floor Plan


The drawings below were produced in 1988 by the Rochester, Minnesota branch of the Architect and Engineering (AE) firm TSP Incorporated. The drawings illustrate system upgrades and rehabilitation work that was done at that time.

Basement Floor Plan Kasson School
2nd and 3rd Floor Plan Kasson School
First Floor Plan Heating Kasson School
First Floor Plan Electric Kasson School
Partial Floor Plans Kasson School
Heating Details Kasson School
Subbasement Plan Kasson school
Second Floor Plan Kasson School

Example Reuse Study Reports

Morris MN School Reuse Study RFP
Morris, MN School Reuse Study Report (Very large file)
Red Wing MN Reuse Study Report

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